From robots to iPods

2010 February 8
by Evan Lenz

Off with the old, on with the new. Speaking of nostalgia, another sign that my son is growing up is what toys are striking his fancy. A few years ago—I think it was for his 6th birthday—my dad and I conspired to get him a Robosapien v2 robot. Wow, what a cool toy, if occasionally obnoxious. :-) It has held up well over the years. I remember he was so excited when he got it. He made a little bed for him and named him “Botty” (short for “robot”), and put him to bed like one of his stuffed animals.

But the robot is old hat now. I recently looked on eBay and was surprised to discover that used ones are in pretty high demand, presumably because they’re not making any more of them. Sammy was already interested in selling it, and was excited to hear that he might be able to get $50-$100 for it (we paid $100 originally and new ones are now selling for $500!!). He has already saved up enough money, from gifts and allowances, to buy an iPod Touch. Selling the robot will make the decision that much easier for him.

Selling the robot is kind of like the closing of an era for me. I won’t particularly miss its shouting and burping and farting, but I will miss the giggles it engendered in all the kids. Mostly, it’s just another reminder that life is transient, and now—not later—is the time to enjoy and appreciate and be thankful for my loved ones.

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